Get rewarded for recycling at Santa Fe College Oct. 22

Get rewarded for recycling at Santa Fe College Oct. 22

To help boost recycling rates, beverage company Honest Tea is rewarding recyclers for each empty beverage container (glass, plastic, aluminum, or drink pouches) recycled at the 12-foot tall blue recycling bin set up at Santa Fe College’s Northwest Campus.  As part of The Great Recycle, a national recycling initiative, participants can exchange their empty beverage containers of any size for items such as gift cards, Patagonia gear, skateboards, reusable bags, and more.

 Event: The Great Recycle Tour at Santa Fe College
Date: Wednesday, Oct. 22
Time: 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Location: Oak Grove

Beverage containers will act as currency redeemable for skateboards, snacks, apparel, and more (all items subject to availability, while supplies last).  The more beverage containers each person recycles, the more valuable the reward he or she can redeem.

Examples of items to be redeemed on-site will include (while supplies last, one item per person for all redeemed bottles):

Skateboard = 250 bottles redeemed
Patagonia Backpack = 150 bottles redeemed
Yoga Mat = 50 bottles redeemed
T-Shirt = 25 bottles redeemed
TerraCycle Items = 15 bottles redeemed
Reusable Bags or Sunglasses = 5 bottles redeemed
Pura Vida Bracelet or Honest Kids Lip Balm = 3 bottles redeemed
Plant a Tree, Snacks, or Bottle of Honest Tea = 2 bottles redeemed
Honest Tea bracelet, Stickers or Button = 1 bottle redeemed

For more information, contact Vilma Fuentes at 352-395-5030 or