United Way campaign message from Dr. Sasser

United Way campaign message from Dr. Sasser















Dear Santa Fe Family:

Our college and the United Way are not the same, yet we are one. Together we are devoted to the community, seek ways to improve the lives of others, and care about each individual.

Santa Fe continues these traditions through work with our local United Way. In this spirit I encourage you to support the United Way Campaign at Santa Fe College. We have learned from past campaigns that this cause is one of the most meaningful ways you can lend a hand to our friends and neighbors in need.

We are familiar with the uniqueness of students when they first contact us. The United Way helps them before they first walk onto campus. The United Way applies its energies in a planned and thoughtful way, by supporting children so they succeed in school, even before they enter school, and by assisting their parents in being able to provide for their families.

Your generosity is vital. For every $1 invested in United Way, our community receives nearly $3 worth of value. Much has been accomplished, yet there is still much to do. Together we can make a difference in the lives of so many.

Santa Fe’s United Way Campaign begins Nov. 3 and ends Nov. 14. You will soon receive information in campus mail about how to help.

Thank you for remembering your fellow citizens and making our community a better place in which to live.