U.S. Navy contractor visits Santa Fe College

U.S. Navy contractor visits Santa Fe College

U.S. Navy contractor Ingalls Shipbuilding from Pascagoula, Mississippi, visited the SF’s Applied Welding Technologies program Thursday Oct. 30.  Kelly Collier, recruiter and Darren Haas, welding manager talked with the students about pre-employment requirements and specific skills needed in the company’s entry level welders.  All of the stated requirements are currently covered in the college’s welding curriculum.

“You are fortunate that you are studying in what we know is a very good program,” Collier said in her opening remarks.

The company has long-term contracts with the U.S. Navy and has built or maintained 80 percent of the current fleet.

“This is a career, not just a four month long job,” Haas said. “People come to work for Ingalls and have the opportunity to stay for a lifetime, not just for one short term project.”

At the end of the presentation over 75 percent of the students in attendance said they would have an interest in working with the company. For more information email JT Mahoney at

Ingalls Shipbuilding representatives Welding Manager Darren Haas (left) and Recruiter Kelly Collier (right) visit the college’s Applied Welding Technologies program Oct. 30.