Tom Hundersmarck – Naturescapes

Tom Hundersmarck – Naturescapes

Currently on display in the Santa Fe College President’s Hall Gallery is the visually significant work of Tom Hundersmarck. In addition to his work as a painter, Hundersmarck is also a Veteran’s Affairs psychologist based here in Gainesville.

The artist says of the relationship between his two worlds, “My work as a painter and a psychologist are inexorably intertwined.  Both involve the ‘encounter,’ whether it is therapeutic with a patient or artistic with the blank canvas. As the encounter begins, so does the relationship, each with a clear white slate, full of emptiness. By the end, the encounter is filled with a complex story, a rich texture, a rhythm of color and emotion; it is filled with objective facts and intense emotional moments. The encounter always demands a response to sensation. In essence, both the artistic and the therapeutic encounter expand horizons by resetting the parameters of the presenting problem. This results in the emergence of another more natural solution that transcends the original problem. A new way of seeing the world comes into view, a fresh and unexpected perspective reveals itself.”

Naturescapes will be on display through February 9th. The artist will be hosting a small reception for the exhibition Friday, January 9th from 6-8pm. The President’s Hall Gallery is located on the second floor of the Robertson Administration building. The exhibition is open to viewing, Monday through Friday, 8:00am – 4:00pm.

Please contact the Gallery office at 395-5464 with any questions.