Dan Stepp | 20 Years of Painting; Reception Feb. 6

Dan Stepp | 20 Years of Painting; Reception Feb. 6

The Santa Fe Gallery will be exhibiting, Dan Stepp – 20 Years of Painting.  This retrospective exhibit will feature work spanning the career of SF faculty member Dan Stepp. Work to be exhibited will include the artist’s early sequential, comic art through his current work based in realism.

The exhibit will open with a free reception, 7-9 p.m. Friday, Feb. 6, at the Santa Fe Gallery. The exhibit will remain on view through March 23. Gallery hours are Mon.- Fri., 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Admission is free and the gallery is open to the public.

Speaking on his work Stepp says, “My work could be described as American genre. Subjects that I explore are: tools and technology, sex roles in labor, corporate branding, and the transference of myth and archetype onto genre activities. I am intrigued by the paradox and incongruity of a contrived culture imprinted onto evolved, long-standing traditions. What interests me is the horror of the mundane, the disassociation of humans from the biophysical environment, and consequently an effort to replace or transform nature. I like to think of paintings as interactive. The artist contributes a certain amount, but the viewer is challenged to participate in the experience. In the same way you might stare at clouds or plaster on a wall and begin to “see” images I want people to invent a narrative or story about the picture. I invite a free association that will lead viewers to a unique understanding of the image, fermented by their own identity. This is also why I leave my works untitled, to divorce text from a visual dialogue. Many of my compositions are produced using a geometric grid onto which objects and figures are placed. I strive to make adjustments and translations of colors and shapes into organized relationships within the picture.”

For more information about the exhibition and the gallery, call Santa Fe Gallery Manager Kyle Novak at 352-395-5464.