Santa Fe College now offers bicycle registration

Santa Fe College now offers bicycle registration

When a bicycle is registered with the SF College Police Department, the registration number is stored in a database with Campus Police, along with the owner’s name and contact information so that he or she can be easily notified, if the bicycle is recovered.  Some benefits to registering your bicycle:

  • A registered bike may contribute to a higher rate of conviction for those apprehended with it in their possession.
  • A registered bike makes it easier for law enforcement officials to return it to the rightful owner if it is lost or stolen and increases your chances for recovery of your bicycle if it is stolen.
  • Law enforcement agencies often have a difficult time determining if a recovered item of value was stolen because owners have not recorded the serial numbers.
  • A bicycle with a registered serial number, if found, may aid officers in establishing the bike was stolen even though it had not yet been reported.

Bicycle registration is free for all students, faculty and staff. In order to register your bicycle with the Santa Fe College Police Department you will need to visit the link below:

You can also register your bicycle in person at the Santa Fe College Police Department, located on the northwest campus, Building T.  The police department is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Once you have registered your bicycle with the SF College PD you will receive a registration decal that needs to be affixed to your bicycle frame below the seat.

Please contact the SF College PD at 352-395-5519 if you have any questions about the bicycle registration program.