SF Welding program installs new VRTEX welding simulator

SF Welding program installs new VRTEX welding simulator

The Santa Fe College welding program is buzzing from morning through the evening in the interest of high demand in this area of the workforce. The Construction and Technical Education Program (CTE) has thus purchased a simulation machine that gives users an authentic practice welding experience.

Lincoln Electric calls this machine, The VRTEX® 360, a “best-in-class, and advanced level welding training system.” It accommodates all levels of skill, from basic to advanced, making it an indispensable value to educational institutions; the real-time feedback it provides is most advantageous to instructors that are in the position of needed to accommodate these varying levels of ability.

This system is known to not only complement and enrich traditional preparation, but it also reduces the amount of waste generated from standard training alone. The state-of-the-art system includes features like 3D goggles and a virtual welding site, and for this reason AGCO Welding Engineer Dave Dehrkoop describes the experience as “Wii meets welding.”

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