SF’s Number 1 Announcement Huge on Social Media

SF’s Number 1 Announcement Huge on Social Media

Just minutes after the Aspen Institute honored Santa Fe College with the 2015 Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence, thus making them the number one community college in the nation, SF’s Communications & Creative Services department hit Facebook with the announcement.

The announcement was well-received, to say the least.

According to Facebook analytics, over 103,000 people saw the “SF Named Top Community College” post. The announcement had over 342 comments, and received a staggering 3,230 “likes” in less than five days after posting. Also, over 600 people “shared” the announcement with others, which shows how proud people were of the great honor.

Since 2012, Santa Fe College has been in the top 10 of U.S. community colleges. Now, in 2015, SF has the number one distinction.

“Santa Fe College is proud to share the award with the students, employees and trustees of all community colleges in our country,” said SF President Dr. Jackson Sasser as he accepted the award last week. “To the students at Santa Fe College, this is your award. You did the work.”