2015 National Telecommunicators Week is April 13-17

National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week occurs every year during the second week of April.  This year the date is April 12-18.   It is well-established now as a time to recognize and thank telecommunications personal in the public safety communications field.

This year we will take time out to honor our “behind-the-scenes heroes.”  The Santa Fe College Police Department has five full time Telecommunications Officers and two Temp Force Telecommunications Officers that work 24/7, 365 days a year.  We also have seven police officers, including Chief Book, who dispatch when needed.  Our men and women answer calls for help, gathering essential information and dispatching the appropriate assistance.  They can often make the difference between life and death for persons in need.   They also assist students and staff on all the college campuses with a variety of things including lost and found, issuance of keys, parking decals and accident/incident reports.

Public Safety Telecommunicators are more than a calm and reassuring voice at the other end of the phone. They are knowledgeable and highly trained individuals who work closely with other police, fire, and medical personnel as well as others in the College Community.  If you have time please take a moment out of your day to stop by the Police Department during the week of April 12-18, 2015, and say thank you to Deloris Jernigan, Melissa Venuti, Sharen Holway, Betty Weir, Kate Flippen, Loni Spearmon-Griggs and Adrianna Posey.  They are located in the front lobby of the Police Department on main campus, Building T.