Santa Fe College Receives Grant Award to Help Women 50 and Older Train for and Find Jobs

Santa Fe College Receives Grant Award to Help Women 50 and Older Train for and Find Jobs

AARP Foundation has awarded Santa Fe College a three-year subgrant to implement the BACK TO WORK 50+: Women’s Economic Stability Initiative, which will help women age 50 and older find jobs in the Alachua County area and build the financial capability to make sound decisions that reduce debt, rebuild savings and pave the way to greater financial stability.

The BACK TO WORK 50+: Woman’s Economic Stability Initiative is a subset of the broader BACK TO WORK 50+ program for which Santa Fe College also received a grant in 2013. Through recent funding from the Social Innovation Fund, this new offshoot of that program increases AARP Foundation’s scale and impact to help workers age 50 and over win back opportunity.

“For years American higher education has been preparing for the retirement of a distinct group of individuals,” said Santa Fe College President Dr. Jackson Sasser. “During and following World War II, there was an explosion of births in America. These Americans are affectionately known as ‘Baby Boomers.’ Santa Fe College is pleased and honored to receive a subgrant from AARP Foundation and to collaborate with the organization in serving women in this age group.”

Santa Fe College is among five colleges selected through a highly rigorous open competition held by the AARP Foundation in November 2014. Together, these five colleges will expand their reach to impact more people and participate in evaluations to continue learning what works in the area of economic opportunity for low-income older adult women.

“AARP Foundation is very pleased to work together with Santa Fe College to help older women who face disproportionately higher rates of long-term unemployment find the good jobs they need to avoid slipping into poverty,” said Emily Allen, AARP Foundation, vice president Income Impact Area.  “Santa Fe College was selected because of their strong community ties to employers; because of their demonstrated capacity to implement similar projects; and because of their commitment to both help 50+ women and build institutional support for helping older workers find employment.”

To register for a BACK TO WORK 50+ at Santa Fe College Information Session, contact AARP Foundation, at 855-850-2525 or visit