Community Education’s robotics class a success

Community Education’s robotics class a success

For six weeks, home school students in age groups of 8-10 and 11-14 learned about robots and what it takes to control them.































Students worked in pairs with the fun and adaptable Lego MindStorm EV3 Rover to program the EV3 to perform precise maneuvers, use sensors to interact with its world, collect data and use additional servo motors to perform complex tasks.













Using specialized light and color sensors, robots were programmed to follow a line and avoid driving off work stations. Gyro sensors were also utilized to calculate positions and avoid tipping over. Students then learned how to use both sensors together to recognize hazards, such as cliffs and walls, and how to avoid them.

























Students stayed creative by building obstacles and programming the robots to draw geometric shapes and even play robot golf!

























All Photos by Jordan House

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