Coffee 101 is re-open for business

Coffee 101 is re-open for business

The new and improved Coffee 101 opened Monday, July 6, in the Lawrence W. Tyree Library at Santa Fe College after approximately two months of remodeling that began around spring finals. The Barnes and Noble owned café is once again proudly brewing Starbucks brand coffee and beverages, and serving food including newly added specialties.

The improvements to the space bring more of a café or “marketplace” vibe with the convenience of a “grab-and-go” feel with less wait time, according to Store Manager, Kaila Elliott. In addition to a fresh new look, there is now a second register at the front of the store specifically for quick service of convenience items, such as scantrons, class supplies, and quick snacks during busy times like the fall and spring terms.

What’s new? Your sandwich favorites that used to take up to eight minutes to heat are now ready in as few as 70 seconds thanks to the new Turbo Chef equipment. New sandwich and soup options expected to launch soon, with a variety of vegetarian options included. And yes, you can still take advantage of the “2 for $3” and “2 for $5” pairing options that include any size coffee or tea. Also new, are fresh muffins, cookies and scones baked in-house instead of being brought in. You can also enjoy new delicious smoothie combinations including mango, pomegranate, blueberry and green tea. And, don’t forget the new ice cream freezer stocked with Ben & Jerry’s and other frozen treat favorites. The shelves are now loaded with snacks for everyone’s taste, and you can even browse for headphones and other convenience items while you wait for your coffee or lunch.

Staff and faculty should be on the lookout for new catering menus that are soon to launch. To-go coffee urns that serve about 10 are available now for $12.95, and come with all of the condiments. There are plenty of great choices for your next meeting or event, like cookies, scones or sandwiches.

Check out the new friendly faces behind the counter under the leadership of Store Manager, Kaila Elliott who took over the position in January. Kaila is excited about the updates and a team who is serving up great customer service without a lot of wait time. The store will be hiring more smiling faces in a couple of weeks in anticipation of a busy fall term. There is plenty of seating—come inside and enjoy your purchase at a table in the café next to power sources, or use the library seating just outside the store that has been designated for your enjoyment. If you prefer to soak up some sun facing the rock cycle garden while you sip a smoothie, there is a newly installed tech bar where you can work or charge your phone, laptop and other electronics under the covered library porch.

The reopening was a success, so the current hours of 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. will extend to 5 p.m. starting next week. Fall hours will be 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. and may change according to store traffic. You can email Kaila at or call the store at 352-377-3321 for more information.