RTS fall bus service begins Aug. 17

RTS fall bus service begins Aug. 17

Regional Transit System’s (RTS) fall service is scheduled to begin Monday, Aug. 17. There will be a number of changes to routes and service for the fall months including new routes, route alignments and changes to frequencies of buses. Running times will be adjusted systemwide, however, routes 2, 46, 75, 125 and 711 will not change.

RTS will have five new routes operating this fall: Route 19 (Reitz Union – SW 23rd Terrace), Route 29 (Beaty Towers – Kiwanis Park), Route 37 (Reitz Union – Butler Plaza via SW 35th Place), Route 40 (Hub – Hunters Crossing/Possum Creek Park) and Route 129 (UF Nighttime Circulator ).

Alignment changes have been made to routes 9, 20, 27, 28 and 36. Routes 1 (weekdays/Saturday), 5 (weekdays PM), 20 (weekdays) and 28 (weekdays AM) will have buses coming more frequently.

Buses on routes 9 (weekdays/weekend), 16 (weekdays), 17 (weekdays) and Route 126 will come less frequently.

Routes 20 (Saturday), 28 (weekdays), 35 (weekdays), 39 (weekdays) and 62 (weekdays) will have longer running service.

Other changes include routes 21 and 41 being discontinued, Route 38T being renamed Route 22, Routes 3 and 27 running continuously between 9:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

All changes are viewable on the RTS website. Call 352-334-2600 for general schedule information.