New Name – New Site!

New Name – New Site!

The Center for Academic Technologies, a.k.a. CAT, has a new name and a new look! The new name — Center for Teaching, Technology and Training, or CT3, for short.

The new URL is The site, geared toward faculty, includes information about:

  • Canvas
  • Instructional Design
  • Teaching Resources
  • Professional Development
  • Educational Media Studio

Open Campus, the entity that supports Canvas, also has a new name: SF Online. This site is focused on providing information and assistance to the many students who use Canvas for online, hybrid and face-to-face courses, and is located at

If you work with faculty, students or parents, please bookmark these sites and help us promote them. We have high-gloss bookmarks we can provide for anyone willing to put them out.

Contact us at: or 352-395-7375 or 352-395-7344 or 352-395-5195 or 352-395-5140

Tell us what you think. Please email with any suggestions, comments, requests or contributions for either site.