Enhance your Canvas course with the uPick library module

Enhance your Canvas course with the uPick library module

Do you have a Canvas class with a research component? You can now create your own library module by picking library-created lessons on a variety of topics to meet your needs. This collection of resources is called the uPick Library Module and can be imported into your classes directly from the Canvas Commons.

uPick Library Moduel

Topics include (but are not limited to): library introduction, library catalog, library databases, Google Scholar, citation styles, Internet searching, Google Scholar, and more.

To look for relevant lessons and import them:

  1. Click the Commons link at the top of Canvas (in the blue bar)
  2. Search uPick in the search box
  3. Select a lesson
  4. Click the green Import Into Course button on the right
  5. Choose the course you’d like it added to
  6. Watch for updates! In Commons, you’ll see Updates (0) near the top. If any of the lessons are updated, that zero will change to a number and you can apply updates to the lessons in your courses.

View a video of this process at

business_toolboxIf you are a business faculty, the Business Research Toolbox will contain helpful business-oriented research lessons. Search business toolbox to find them in the Commons.


Librarians are always happy to create customized lessons or modules for your classes. Please contact if you would like a tailored lesson.