SF2UF Bridges Lecture – Researching Pain: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

This lecture will be the first in the SF2UF Bridges to Baccalaureate Lecture Series. The series is intent in bringing speakers on the cutting-edge of scientific research in the Biomedical and Behavioral Sciences to  Santa Fe College.

Dr. Roger Fillingim is a clinical psychologist, Distinguished Professor at the University of Florida, and the Director of the University of Florida Pain Research and Intervention Center of Excellence (PRICE). He will present current research that tries to identify the mechanisms of individual differences in pain responses. His team is specifically interested in the influence of sex and gender, race and ethnic group, age, and genetic factors on pain and analgesic responses and the mechanisms underlying these individual differences in pain. In addition, they are investigating pain sensitivity, psychosocial variables, and genetics as potential risk factors for development of chronic pain conditions.

This lecture is open to all interested students, staff, and faculty.
When: Tues Sept. 22, 12:30pm
Where: P-136

For more information, contact Dr. Beatriz Gonzalez at beatriz.gonzalez@sfcollege.edu.