Visiting Cuban Artist, Aliosky Garcia: 20 Years of Cuban Printmaking

Visiting Cuban Artist, Aliosky Garcia: 20 Years of Cuban Printmaking

Contemporary Cuban Printmaking: 1990-2010
A Presentation by Aliosky Garcia
Oct. 21 from 2-3 p.m.
Santa Fe College
Building S, room 29/30

Aliosky Garcia is a professor and Director of the Printmaking Department at Instituto Superior de Arte (The University of Arts of Cuba), located in Playa, Havana. The prestigious and famous school was founded in 1976, and it is the center for advanced studies in the fields of theater, dance, music, visual arts and communication arts.

Mr. Garcia is an artist, printmaker, and curator. Born in Cienfuegos, he is a graduate from the Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA). His woodcuts have a theatrical feel accentuated by the tension that is generated by the use of profound black backgrounds that submerge the viewer in the tunnel of infinite agony. Within his work, we recognize the metaphors of our own phantoms. In 2012, Aliosky was an artist in residence at the Bartels-Zum Kleinen Markgrafkerhof Foundation in Basel Switzerland. He also curated the exhibition, Grabado en la Memoría (Etched in our Memory), which included artworks from graduates of the ISA. Aliosky’s work can be found at Stanford University, the Yale University library, and the Fine Arts Museum in Havana, among other permanent collections.

Mr. Garcia’s artwork was included in “A Misunderstanding/ Un malentendido,” a group exhibition that was held at the Santa Fe College Gallery this past summer of eleven Cuban artists living on the island and one invited Cuban-American artist.

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"Your Own Sky" woodcut on paper by Aliosky Garcia
“Your Own Sky” woodcut on paper by Aliosky Garcia