REAL Lab grand opening Oct. 23

REAL Lab grand opening Oct. 23

Santa Fe College will celebrate the grand opening of the Renewable Energy Accessible Laboratory (REAL Lab) Friday, Oct. 23 at 2 p.m.

The REAL lab showcases three types of solar energy: parabolic trough collectors, evacuated tubes, and photovoltaic collectors. The solar energy collectors are usually located on building rooftops and are inaccessible to most people. By showcasing small versions of this solar technology at the ground level, visitors will be able to learn first-hand about solar energy production, how such technology is being applied, and the cost savings associated with such projects.

The REAL Lab can complement classroom instruction by providing information on the math, science, and engineering of alternative energy. We invite all members of the Santa Fe community to join this grand opening event and explore how this facility can be used. Please share this information with the members of your department.