United Nations Week a success at Santa Fe College

United Nations Week a success at Santa Fe College

Tenth Annual Florida Model United Nations Conference Held at Santa Fe College

During the weekend of Oct. 16 and 17, Santa Fe College hosted the Tenth Annual Florida Model United Nations Conference. Three hundred students from over a dozen schools participated in the two-day event during which they grappled with pressing global issues such as the Syrian immigration crisis, access to potable water, and advancement of entrepreneurship in underdeveloped countries. Twenty-two Santa Fe College students participated in this event. They received two Distinguished Delegation awards for their portrayal of Ethiopia and the United Kingdom and one Honorable Mention Award for their portrayal of Pakistan.United Nations

The following students participated in this event: Kayla Caniff, Aaron Solley, Amha Tesfaye, Nicholas Bowman, Donald Blitch III, Emily Arnold, Manuela Osorio, Manuel Fuentes, Zack Smith, Carlos Alfonzo, Dorian Price, Sean Calderon, Timothy Fogelman, Ryan Hamilton, Ann Hess, Brion Miller, Taylor Shrum, Judah Savitt, Mathew Coram, Carl Morelli, Nicole Edgar, Meriza Candia and Matt Pearson.

Santa Fe Model UN students celebrate United Nations Day

In honor of United Nations Day, on Thursday, Oct. 22, four Santa Fe College Model United Nations members attended the local chapter of the UNA-USA’s celebration. During this event, Santa Fe College professor David Price spoke on the history and impact of the UN’s Millennium Development Goals and on the current direction of the new “Agenda 2030.” Santa Fe College students Kayla Caniff, Meriza Candia, Dorian Price, and Donald Blitch III spoke on the role that the SFC MUN team plays in fostering these goals at the local level.

Santa Fe College Students Win Awards at 2015 Florida Model Legislature Conference

Last weekend (10/23-10/24), a group of 18 Santa Fe College students traveled to Orlando, Florida to participate in the seventh annual session of the Florida Model Legislature, along with more than a hundred other students from twelve other Florida colleges and universities.

Matthew Pearson and Kayla Caniff chaired the Senate Criminal Justice Committee and the House Judiciary Committee, respectively, Tyler Lawson led the Democrats in the Senate, and Nicholas Bowman answered the call to temporarily preside over the Florida House as speaker pro tempore.

Our students returned home with 12 individual awards. In the Florida House of Representatives, Christopher Smoot, Amha Tesfaye, and Nicholas Bowman received Honorable Representative awards; Meriza Candia and Ryan Hamilton received Distinguished Representative awards; and Kayla Caniff and Rafael Alfonzo received Outstanding Representative awards. In the Florida Senate, Tyler Lawson and Brion Miller received Honorable Representative awards, while Donald Blitch, Ben Myers, and Matthew Pearson received Distinguished Representative awards.

For their exceptional work at the conference, our whole team was recognized with an Outstanding Delegation award.

The entire Santa Fe College delegation demonstrated their commitment to excellence, civic engagement, civic education, and the democratic process.