Community Ed’s Homeschoolers Learn About Optics, Holograms

Kids in Community Ed’s homeschool robotics program had a blast learning about the physics of light and holograms with instructor Manisha Ranade in the Lights, 3D Optics, and Holograms class. Students met for two consecutive Thursdays in the Fall B term for the first run of the class, which uses lasers, optical illusions, and 3D to introduce physics concepts to children ages 10-14. Be sure to look for our new class on optics and colors in the upcoming Spring 2016 term!

(Pictured) Homeschoolers work with optical illusions and homemade 3D glasses during the Fall B optics and holograms classes, and instructor Manisha Ranade uses a laser to etch a hologram of a model DeLorean provided by a student onto a special pane of glass.hologram.collage1