United Way at SF — deadline to renew donations is Jan. 8

United Way at SF — deadline to renew donations is Jan. 8

REMINDER: United Way donations must be renewed by Friday, Jan. 8, in order to begin the payroll deductions.

ONE Dollar = THREE Dollars: For every $1 invested, United Way creates nearly $3 of total impact. Al of your money donated to the United Way of North Central Florida remains in our local communities.l

Matching grants bring more than $3 million to the community. By leveraging local money with federal grants and through thousands of volunteer hours, the money donated to United Way goes farther.

Please consider completing the pledge form you received in your campus mailbox. If you need the United Way renewal forms, please see Ramona Mount in F-41.

If you have already completed your donation form (Thank You) and wish to obtain a United Way “Live United” T-shirt, please see Ramona Mount in F-41 or Doug Bagby in S-136.

On behalf of the United Way Team @ SF, Thank You.

Dear Santa Fe Family:

Santa Fe College has long been defined by our genuine concern for our friends and neighbors, and our willingness to lend a hand to those in need. Participating in the United Way campaign is one way we can give back to our community. I encourage you to assist your fellow citizens by supporting this worthy cause.

United Way’s tradition of serving others resembles the philosophy that guides our college. By working together, we make our community a better place for everyone. When we donate to United Way, we give others the opportunity for a quality education, a roof over their heads and enough to eat. When individuals thrive, our community prospers.

United Way is effective because it thoughtfully and deliberately applies resources to those services that accomplish the greatest good right here in North Central Florida. That is why Santa Fe has always been a faithful supporter of United Way.

Thank you for remembering those who will benefit most from the spirt of giving.