Update to New Testing Center Policies

Update to New Testing Center Policies

The following is a clarification to the previous Today item that went out earlier regarding the new policies at the Testing Center.

The new exam proctoring policies requiring faculty to proctor their own tests have to do with WHOLE-GROUP testing.  If an instructor wishes all of his or her students to be at the testing center simultaneously, the instructor must proctor his or her test.  This is true for computer-based and paper-based tests, regardless of the course delivery type: online, hybrid, campus.However, if a faculty member is teaching online, and the students can take their proctored tests at any time over a specified 48-hour window or longer, then the testing center will proctor those tests, whether they are computer or paper-based.

ALL instructors must submit a proctored testing form for ALL tests to

For paper-based exams:

1. Provide hard copies of the paper-based testing instrument (enough copies so that the TC does not have to print)

2. Pick up the completed exams at the TC

3. Make-up exams can be scheduled through the G25 Assessment Center 352-395-5791


For questions, email the Testing Center at or call 351-395-5584.

You may also email Lisa Ciardulli at or call her at 351-395-5817