Jacobi Bedenfield Becomes New Student Body President

Jacobi Bedenfield Becomes New Student Body President

Jacobi Bedenfield came to Santa Fe in the fall of 2015 searching for opportunities to get involved. At the time he had already landed a student job with the Center for Student Leadership & Activities. It was only a few weeks after becoming a student that he realized several positions were open on the leadership team. After reading through the requirements of event chair he was motivated to fulfill the position. He ran for the student senate against another student and won the election by a landslide.

“I quickly fell in love with serving the students. Seeing their passion and love for Santa Fe College and the community made me strive to be the very best leader that I could,”explained Bedenfield.

When the next election term rolled around Bedenfield already had his mind made up that he would run for student body president with Donald Blitch III (current student body treasurer) as his vice president.

Bedenfield noted, “I haven’t been here for too long, but these students have trusted me to lead them and I will do just that.”

After weeks of campaigning and three days of voting for the students, Jacobi Bedenfield was named the new student body president. The results were read in the student senate meeting on March 23, 2016. Additionally, Donald Blitch III was elected as student body vice president, Sienna Horton was elected as Student Body Treasurer, and Brianna Sellers was elected as Student Body Chief Justice.