Santa Fe College Model United Nations Team Competition

Santa Fe College Model United Nations Team Competition

International Relations UN Headquarters 2009 Official White House Photo by Samantha Appleton

This weekend our Santa Fe College Model United Nations team competed against four hundred students from some of the highest-ranking schools in the country (including Stanford, Harvard, Brown, UCLA, and Penn State). Our students were the only students representing a two-year college at the Chicago Model United Nations Crises Conference this year. Not only did they hold their own against such august universities, the team co-captain, Ryan Hamilton, walked away with an Honorable Mention in the most competitive committee (NATO 1950).

Crisis Committee is a fast-paced, highly-competitive conference style. Students must demonstrate command of a historical period, geopolitical relations, and domestic institutional and interpersonal arrangements. This weekend our students sought to shape the events of the French Revolution from within the King’s Court, solve the narcotrafficking emergency from within President Calderon’s Cabinet, and put the finishing touches on Brazil’s preparations for the upcoming 2016 Olympics.

Faculty Adviser and Professor of Political Science, Jennifer Forshee,  wants to thank all of her delegates for their tremendous effort and commitment: Kayla Caniff, Ryan Hamilton, Matthew Pearson, Donald Blitch III, Nicholas Bowman, Meriza Candia, and Emily Arnold

This is what Number One Looks Like.