Incredible Students to be Highlighted By Santa Fe College’s Dr. Jackson Sasser Today

Incredible Students to be Highlighted By Santa Fe College’s Dr. Jackson Sasser Today

spotlightFour incredible students to be highlighted by Dr. Jackson Sasser of Santa Fe College in Gainesville, Florida at the upcoming graduation ceremonies.

James Greiner – Took 38 years to finish a two-year degree. As a single father, buried two children and two wives. After 24 years in the Navy and eight more building nuclear submarines in Virginia, moved to Florida. He quit his job, sold his house, packed up the kids and the dog, and headed south on I-95. With a background in the nuclear industry, started a career in nuclear medicine technology. Commutes to Gainesville from a home in Jacksonville five days a week for Santa Fe College classes or clinicals. At the end of the day, drives home to do household chores and care for the kids. His wife is the family’s primary breadwinner. James won the Lawrence W. Tyree Library-Library Research Award (first place) for his paper “Organ Donation: A Life Saving Process from End to Beginning.”

Olga Asimbaya – Originally from Ecuador. Entered into a pre-arranged marriage at 16 with a 35-year-old man. Moved to New Jersey with the family. She and her three children were abused and she fled with them to Florida, finding Peaceful Paths shelter in Alachua County. Worked in the fields and at a nursery, where she was encouraged by her supervisor to attend school. Came to Santa Fe College speaking no English. Completed the English as a Second Language program and is now graduating with an A.A. degree in Business Administration. Plans to earn a bachelor’s degree in the near future.

Joshua Pickering – Chosen for the 2016 All-USA Community College Academic Team. Also is a Coca-Cola New Century Scholar for having the top application score in Florida. Graduates with highest honors. Continuing his studies at the University of Florida and aspires to attend Duke University School of Medicine. Josh served in the U.S. Navy with two deployments in the Persian Gulf. After an honorable discharge, worked for a year as an emergency medical technician in Orlando.

Participates in medical research at Santa Fe College which included being a part of a Shands team studying ways to extend the life of harvested lung tissue for organ donations.

Dalton McDonald – A 2016 Coca-Cola Community College Academic Team Bronze Scholar. Grew up in Berlin and moved to the U.S. with nothing but a U.S. passport and a few dollars. Santa Fe College major is Nutritional Sciences. Plans to attend the University of Florida.

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