History This Week @ Santa Fe

History This Week @ Santa Fe

Santa_Fe_College_736666_i0May 1, 1990  SFCC downtown depot center opens, Lawrence Tyree becomes president.

May 2, 2003  Fourteen area students receive their college degrees from SF before they graduate from high school today. 1186 students graduated this semester, 310 attended graduation exercises on this day. The SFCC gym overflowed its 2500 capacity with people holding balloons, flowers, and teddy bears for graduates.

May 2, 1992  Lawrence Tyree tells SFCC graduates to “guild a good life”. Two eagles born in early March were caught at SFCC Teaching Zoo and were moved to a handpicked location in the Tennessee’s Smoky Mountains. The National Foundation for the Protection of American Eagles transport the birds to a temporary home in Tennessee.

May 3, 1992   New SFCC scholarship program for African American’s available. Spring Commencement, 986 students have applied to graduate, almost the same size as the original student body when SF opened in 1966.

May 3, 2002  Dr. Jackson Sasser is symbolically installed as the college’s president on this day.  1020 students applied for graduation including 16 with honors.

May 4, 2001  Spring Term Graduation had two commencements since 935 students applied for graduation.

May 5, 1990  New SFCC President Tyree takes over at graduation, Robertson speaks.

May 6, 1969  The Gainesville Sun reports the opening of Little School for children of SFCC students. Santa Fe Nursing receives national accreditation. Nursing shortage attracts degreed applicants to SFCC program.  SFCC transfers prepared for UF. Study at College of Education showed SFCC well prepared to enter 4-year institution.

May 7, 1969  The Independent Alligator reports that attendance at SFCC stated “unanimous response indicated a high degree of confidence in past academic training”.

May 7, 1997  Gainesville Sun reports SFCC program teaches retail trade with on-the-job experience.

May 8, 1974  Orlando Sentinel reports 7 students receive their pilots licenses through Santa Fe.

May 8, 1991   SFCC out-of-state tuition is increased by over 100%.

May 8, 1993  Jorge Garcia, SFCC dean, former Cuban revolutionary, profiled.

May 8, 2001  SFCC Student Nurses celebrate Florida with area 4th graders. It is an annual outreach to improve the image of nursing, recruit nursing students for tomorrow’s programs, and foster better community relations.