Santa Fe College Ranked Number 8 In Affordability in the State of Florida

Santa Fe College Ranked Number 8 In Affordability in the State of Florida

Savings For SFC StudentsAs is already known, Santa Fe College was named the number one community college in the U.S. in 2015 by the Aspen Institute. The college also ranked at number three on the 2015 top colleges list, and was named the most affordable Florida college overall. Nicknamed the Saints, 15,055 students at Santa Fe College have access to a wealth of degree options, including bachelor’s programs in Clinical Laboratory Science, Early Childhood Education, and Industrial Biotechnology.

According to the NCES, National Center For Educational Statistics, in 2015  Santa Fe College ranks number 8 in terms of affordability or costs in the State of Florida.  Data on the College Navigator from the NCES, NCES is a government organization that is responsible to collect and analyze data about education in the U.S. and in other nations. Some things to note about the data:

  • NCES doesn’t provide cost data for on-campus living, so this list represents what you’d expect to pay if you lived off campus.
  • Included only colleges with 3,000 or more enrolled students.
  • NCES also provides information on reported on-campus sexual assaults, burglary, and robbery.

Here’s how total cost was calculated:  Tuition + Off-campus room and board + Off-campus other = Total Cost

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