The Significance of The Date May 9

The Significance of The Date May 9

May 9May 9 is a significant date for a number of reasons. On this date a few things happened that are noteworthy. In 1960 the US became the first country to legalize the birth control pill. Billie Joel was born in 1949, and Mike Wallace was born in 1918. Oh, and the most important of them all, “The View” former co-host Star Jones, age ,46, divorced investment banker Al Reynolds, age, 39, after three-and-a-half years of marriage in 2008. But what is so important about this date to Santa Fe College? Summer 2016 Classes begin.

Are you ready? Well too late if you aren’t because this coming Monday, students will start to arrive on campus once again for their regime of classes. It as been a virtual ghost town on campus, so the students and faculty who have been away will be a welcome site.

The following day is important in that it will be the last day that students can ADD classes for Summer A or Summer D. If for some reason, you don’t have access to the 2016 Academic year Calendar, click here:

Santa Fe College Academic Year Calendar

Welcome back everyone!