History This Week @ Santa Fe

History This Week @ Santa Fe

Nurse Pin2003, May 9 – A nursing SFCC student graduates today becoming the third generation to follow in a family’s nursing footsteps. Grandmother Pat Simmons was a member of SFCC’s inaugural two-year program graduating in 1970. She returned in 1973 and taught at SFCC for 30 years. Her daughter Meriam Holder graduated from the ASN program in 1995. Simmon’s Grandaughter Melinda Phillips graduated on this day and began working on the heart transplant floor at Shands at UF.

1990, May 10 – Robert Myers is picked for Vice President of Educational Programs at SFCC.

1991, May 10 – SFCC likely to get its own police department.

2003, May 10 – Jack Hanna’s tour with SFCC Teaching Zoo students airs on ABC on this day. The teaching zoo, one of his favorites, has SFCC students leading Hanna through the facility and its hands-on teaching program.    Jack Hanna at SFCC Teaching Zoo

1996, May 11 – Gainesville Sun writes that a new Student Services Center opens at SFCC.

2003, May 13 – SFCC Downtown Center surpasses its first-year enrollment projections.

1985, May 14 – College will receive $19.7 Million if the new budget is approved.

1994, May 14 – SFCC tech prep program helps girls explore technical fields.