Kids LEGO Robotics Camp Teaches How to Code and Build Robots

Kids LEGO Robotics Camp Teaches How to Code and Build Robots

DSC_1549The Andrews Center offered their first Lego Robotics Camp for 4th-6th graders the week of June 20-24. With a full class of 16, the students worked in teams of two to learn about coding and building robots during the five day morning camp.Hannah-Waters[1] The Andrews Center had partnered with Southside Elementary during the school year for a robotics program for 4th and 5th graders that they received courtesy of an AT & T grant received by the Bradford County Education Foundation.Robot Girls[1]

This partnership led to Dan Wells agreeing to lead the summer LEGO Robotics camp at the Andrews Center. The program is coordinated by the Andrews Center Director, Cheryl Canova, and is a Community Ed program. DSC_1552[1]Thanks to our SF Dean of Centers, Cheryl Calhoun, for writing a grant that provided eight laptops for the Andrews Center to use for this program and other SF classes, and for the Perkins Rural and Sparsely Grant that allowed us to purchase the Lego Robotics kits.

A big thank you to our Counselors in Training, who are SF dual enrolled students, who volunteered during the week. The program was a great success and the students had a blast!!Wells-Ferguson[1]Lego Robotics 2016 2[1]

There will be another LEGO Robotics camp the week of July 18 – 22 for grades 4th – 9th from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. Seats are still available.

Register through Community Ed or at the Andrews Center. Cost is $89 for the week.