Counseling Available on Campus for Students Who May Need Assistance

Aside from the signs or symptoms that may suggest the need for counseling, there are other guidelines which may help the faculty or staff member define the limits of his or her involvement with a particular student’s problem. A referral is usually indicated in the following situations:

1. A student presents a problem or requests information that is outside your range of knowledge.

2. You feel that personality differences that cannot be resolved between you and the student will interfere with your  helping the student.

3. The problem is personal, and you know the student other than on a professional basis (friend, neighbor, relative,  etc.)

4. A student is reluctant to discuss a problem with you for some reason.

5. You do not believe your contact with the student has been

While it is important to care about the emotional well-being of students, we cannot make their decisions for them, and counseling is always a personal choice. If the student resists referral and you remain uncomfortable with the situation, contact the Counseling Center at 395-5508 to discuss your concern.