Kids Receive Back Packs and School Supplies at Stop the Violence Rally

Kids Receive Back Packs and School Supplies at Stop the Violence Rally

(The following post is a result of a a story run on the WCJB Channel 20 website; see website below for proper credits)

The name Eddie Winslow may be familiar to some of you reading this out there. In the ’90’s, Darius McCrary played the somewhat kooky family member on the popular TV show Family Matters. Mccrory showed up at Santa Fe College to help efforts in giving away  free school supplies during a non-violence and anti-bullying rally set in place by “PAVE”.  A program which began in 2000, PAVE stands for ‘People Against Violence Enterprises.’

This organization is all about making a transition towards a more peaceful community for youth, according to PAVE Founder, Reverend Karl Anderson. During this year’s session, McCrary gave a speech and performed his new single. Darius McCrary said, “These days we don’t place enough importance on family values and the importance of the community. I think that I can use my fame and my platform to help the community by first making people recognize we are one. We are one united. Together we stand or we fall all over the place. I want to encourage the children to let our future know, cause are our children future, teach them well and let them lead the way that’s what the songs say, that we got their back.”backpacks

Meridian Behavioral Healthcare, sponsored the event and gave away 2,000 back packs filled with school supplies. Richard Anderson, Chief Clinical Officer at Meridian said, “We also can put important information in the backpacks so that the children, if they’re in any kind of crisis, understand that there are people they can call.” The program this year was a great success.

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