Grants and Sponsored Projects Construction Zone

Grants and Sponsored Projects Construction Zone

project construction zoneWelcome to the Wonderful World of Sponsored Projects!

We invite all faculty and staff of Santa Fe College to become Project Directors, professional educators involved in the stimulating process of searching for and securing grants to support your teaching objectives. Private, state and federal funds are available for a wide range of programs. The Sponsored Projects Office in the Office of Advancement is here to help you develop ideas, navigate the technical aspects of writing a winning proposal, and manage the intricacies of contracts and grants. We are your portal to the world of outside funding!

Our office can also link you, as a Project Director, to the other helpful Santa Fe College departments and institutional resources that will assist you with organizing and managing your project, preparing a budget, submitting reports, and keeping you on track.

Let us help you to launch an innovative outreach option for an underserved student population, kick start a cultural event on campus, or support a collaborative initiative with other colleges. The possibilities are endless. Tap into outside funding and make those possibilities a reality!

Preliminary Grant Project Proposal Form (this form can be exported as a PDF and saved to your desktop or files)

Contact Kathryn Lehman, (email or call 352-395-5496) for more information.

More information on Grants will be posted periodically to assist you with your research and grant efforts.