History This Week @ Santa Fe

History This Week @ Santa Fe

September 18, 1972 – SF began moving to new campus.

September 18, 1985 – Ecology instructor Elisabeth C. Odum was named “Innovator of the Year”.

September 19, 1996 – UF/SF dual degree program was put on hold after only 12 applications are received.

September 19, 2002 – Former SF Saint Ken Kozlowski made his major league debut with the Texas Rangers pitching the first five innings in the team’s game against Seattle. Texas won 12-7.

September 20, 1999 – According to the Gainesville Sun, choosing to attend SF College rather than going straight to UF is a common decision in the area.

September 21, 1966 – According to Dr. Kimball Wiles, Dean of the College of Education at UF: “The advantage of SF College students will have over UF is that they will be known individually by the faculty, teachers will also benefit from knowing their students. This close relationship is not possible in large universities.”

September 21, 1999 – SF College named as one of the state’s top 5 women-friendly government organizations.

September 22, 1989 – Santa Fe Healthcare donated $50,000 for SF College’s renovation of depot.

September 22, 1995 – SF College celebrated the fifth anniversary of the Downtown Center. Enrollment at the Blount Center tripled since it opened. In 1990, 486 student enrolled, in 1995, 1,334 students signed up for fall classes.       Blount

September 23, 1968 – SF College students learned by remodeling hotel. The Thomas Hotel converted in to a facility for college students who wanted to sit down and learn. Most of the work was done by the students themselves.

September 23, 1982 – Dr. Fordyce, former president, passed away at age 67.