Check SF Homepage for Hurricane Matthew Updates

Check SF Homepage for Hurricane Matthew Updates

The following information came from various contributors of “Meltwater News Source”

Tuesday’s 8 p.m. forecast showed Hurricane Matthew’s eye was projected to pass just off Florida’s east coast, with Gainesville in the western part of the “cone of uncertainty,” according to the National Hurricane Center. The hurricane is expected to be a Category 3 hurricane by about 2 p.m. Friday, when the storm is currently projected to come closest to Alachua County.

Jackie Johnson, a spokesman for Alachua County Public Schools, wrote in an email that the school system is currently monitoring the storm and has yet to decide whether to cancel classes.at201614

Jen Horner, an Alachua County emergency management coordinator, said students and Gainesville residents should review emergency plans and buy water and nonperishable food.

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