Calling for Executive Committee Agenda Items for November 29 Meeting

Calling for Executive Committee Agenda Items for November 29 Meeting

The Executive Committee meeting will be held on November 29 at 3:30 p.m. in Building P, Room 160. Agenda items are being requested early as many will be off next week. There are two important items for discussion; Gender Identity, and Tobacco Free Campuses. If you have additional motions reflecting the wishes of the Senate Members, please bring your motions to our meeting for discussion and voting.

Following is sample language for the Motion for Tobacco Free Resolution;

“Tobacco Free Purposed Resolution

Be It Resolved, The Faculty Senate of Santa Fe College affirm their support for redeveloping Santa Fe College into a tobacco free environment by Fall 2017 Semester.

Be It Resolved, The abolishment of the smoking huts on Santa Fe campus so as to be in line with the decision of the resolution.

Be It Resolved, That Santa Fe College should take the necessary actions to enact measures enforcing and ensuring that the campus and its appropriate environment becomes and remains tobacco free except inside personal vehicles.

Be It Further Resolved, That Faculty Senate and its organizations should endeavor to support the ideals espoused in this resolution and supported by the Faculty of Santa Fe College.”

Thank you and enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Art Grant – Instructor

HARV Department