Spring Arts Festival Poster Unveiling

safbutterfly The Santa Fe College Spring Arts Poster Unveiling is set for Tuesday, March 21, 2017, at 5:30 p.m. at the Spring Arts House, 636 NE First Street, Gainesville, FL.

About the Poster artist, Erh-Ping Tsai: Erh-Ping Tsai was born in Bai-Gong, Taiwan and had a childhood, much like any other young boy growing up next to an ancient temple. He had always felt that he was an ordinary person but with an extraordinary dream. He was greatly influenced by both, his mother and father, who had introduced him to the beauty of nature at an early age. Erh-Ping studied at the National Taiwan Art University (previously, the National Taiwan Academy of Art). Upon graduation, he established his own studio in Taipei. During this time, he felt that was much more to learn and discover from the environment that he had known, and decided to relocate to the United States.  Arriving in New York City, he studied at the Parsons School of Design and focused in sculpture. After graduating Parsons, he did extensive studies at the Studio School in New York City.

Soon after, Erh-Ping started his own company, Jewelry 10, Inc. along with his wife Cynthia Chuang. He brought his own techniques and utilized his talents in his clay work. Erh-Ping was greatly inspired by nature and primitive art. With his creativity and techniques, he created remarkably unique and distinct sculpture jewelry which has distinguished himself within the fine craft community. The jewelry designed by Erh-Ping is exceptionally intricate and detailed: rich with metals, semi-precious stones, paint and above all, porcelain that has been worked with colored clay inlays, under-glazing, over-glazing and millefiori techniques. These pieces invoke a tradition in depicting insects, butterflies and fish that would have appeared in ancient Chinese art. More importantly, it is the whimsical and imaginative nature of Erh-Ping and Cynthia’s jewelry that wins the love of so many. The vivid colors and patterns, combined with witty expressions, and the countless ways to wear each piece, brings jewelry design to a whole new level. These one of a kind pieces are unlike any other pieces of wearable art. Along with these creatures, come a decade of unforgettable and moving stories. Many of their dedicated collectors have continued to follow his work for well over a decade.  His website link is www.jewelry-10.com.