March of Dimes Silent Auction Winners

sue-bThe silent auction was a hit, bringing in $566 for March of Dimes.  The basket that brought the most money came from CCS -$160.  There was a bidding war for that basket between Ramona Mount and student Peter Davis that went until the last seconds of bidding.  If you noticed the scooter ($900 value), we are taking blind bids until noon on April 21.  You can submit your bid at the bookstore until then.  The highest bid will win – it can be yours!  Also pictured is Susan Kulmacz with her basket and a big thanks to Mike Christy for all of his help.  A big THANK YOU to MJ and Bo at the bookstore and Jeff and his crew at Subway for raising hundreds of dollars for the babies.

Oh, and Peter won the bid…
Thanks to everyone that helped and bid on the baskets!