Fine Arts Master Class – The Jerry Herman Legacy Concert

May 9, 2017 – In conjunction with the Gainesville Orchestra’s season finale concert “The Jerry Herman Legacy Concert”, 10 students from Santa Fe College were participants in a Master Class with Broadway star Scott Coulter. Each student performed songs from Broadway Shows, including some by Mr. Herman, and were critiqued.  Based on the quality of each students performance in the Master Class, the students were given a selection to perform, as an ensemble, for the Friday evening Gainesville Orchestra Concert. In addition to this fabulous opportunity, each student received a “surprise” scholarship check from the Jerry Herman/ASCAP Foundation as a reward for their excellence in the Master Class and Friday nights concert.

The student participants were: Micaela Boyle, Sarah Berry, Ariel Dykes, Diana Truman, Ethan Ellis, Alex Christopy, Nick Whitaker, Gerald Wesley, Jeremy Cutter, Terrance Williams.  The students are from the studio of Lynn Sandefur.