Safety at Santa Fe College

Safety at Santa Fe College

August 21, 2017 – The Santa Fe College Police Department welcomes our students and staff. The SF Police Department is located in Building T on the Northwest Campus. SF is proud to have dedicated police officers at our campus and centers 24/7. If you need to contact the SF Police Department for an emergency situation, call 352-395-5555 or dial 911. For any other police business or a nonemergency, you can call 352-395-5519.

These are just some of the services we provide you may not be aware of:

  • Escorts: for a safety escort, especially at night, call 352-395-5519.
  • Dead car batteries: use our charger boxes for free to jump your car.
  • Lost and found: turn in an item or see if we have what you are missing.
  • Lost or need directions: ask any police or security officer.


The SF Police Department is also responsible for enforcing laws and camps regulations. For more information, visit the SFPD safety page