Campus Closed Sept. 8 – Last Minute Preparations

Santa Fe College Northwest Campus and SF Centers Preparation:

Sept. 8, 2017 – Campus Access: For your safety while the college is officially closed, DO NOT return to any college property until official notification of clearance has been given via the college website. Please check for updates throughout the weekend.

If you have been identified as “essential emergency management personnel” or have received permission from your Vice President to assist in properly closing your office area, the following steps are suggested actions before leaving the campus:

Refrigerators: Please remove all perishable food from refrigerators and place in break room trash cans and notify facilities.

Trash: please leave all desk trash (paper, no food) in office trash receptacles. Facilities will remove the non-perishable trash when the College reopens after the Hurricane.

Outside Signs: Garage Sale Style and A-Frames

Programs should bring all signage inside. Notify Facilities of any hanging signs that need to be removed.

Golf Carts: Facilities has asked that golf carts be parked in the concourse between buildings (on the east side of the building) out of the direct path of the wind.

Windows: Please double check that windows in your area are closed and latched. Lower any shades. Close any vertical blinds.

Voice Mail Messages: Please place an extended voice mail message on your phone explaining that the College has been closed due to Hurricane Irma. Updated information can be obtained by visiting

Email Message responses:  Please place an extended out of office message on your emails indicating that the College has been closed due to Hurricane Irma. Updated information can be obtained by visiting

Computers and Electrical Devices: Please power down all computers and devices. Back up as needed. DO NOTcover computer with plastic garbage bag at any time.

If you are aware of areas/buildings prone to potential water or debris damage or flooding, let police department know in advance and they will check if time permits. Santa Fe College Police Department will be open 24/7.

In the event emergency access is needed to campus, the SF Police Department will remain in continual operation and should be the first point of contact.

Santa Fe College Police Department

Non-emergency 352-395-5519

Emergency 352-395-5555


Additional Information Resources

National Hurricane Center Irma Tracking –

Basic Disaster Supply Kit from –

Santa Fe College Police Department – Non-emergency 352-395-5519; Emergency 352-395-5555

Alachua County Rumor Control Hotline – dial 311

Report all emergencies – dial 911

Storm Prep Resources & Checklists


Storm Prep Reminders

Stock up on water.

Fuel your vehicle.

Charge all mobile devices.


Be Safe!