Dental Hygiene Student Presentations Scheduled for October 27

Dental Hygiene Students

October 17, 2017 – Santa Fe College students, faculty and staff are invited to the fifth annual Dental Hygiene Student Table Clinic presentations Friday, Oct. 27 from 10 a.m. until noon. The presentation will be held in Building W, Room 80 on the Northwest Campus. A wide variety of topics will be included covering many dental issues, including: use of sugar alcohols as sweeteners, charcoal whitening of the teeth, use of Botox in dentistry, silver diamine fluoride that stops cavities from progressing, vaping vs cigarettes, baby teeth as a source of stem cells for medical therapies, the connection between cardiovascular health and oral health and a review of alternative dental hygiene practice that improves patient access to dental care.

For more information, contact Charmaine Godwin at 352-395-5852 or