Santa Fe College Students Send Love to Myrna Cabrera

Santa Fe College Students Send Love to Myrna Cabrera

SF Students show love for Myrna Cabrera


October 17, 2017 – Santa Fe College prides itself on being a welcoming community for its students, faculty and staff, but that requires people willing to serve to put those words into action. Enter Myrna Cabrera-Rivero. Myrna is the coordinator of the Multicultural Student Center at Santa Fe College and helps to support the almost 2,000 international students that attend SF.

But she is much more than that to the students. Students love her because she spends time with them and is always willing to keep student’s first by listening to their concerns, or just being a friendly face when they are having a rough day.

Current and former SF students sent messages of love to her. Current student Claudia Garcia loves Myrna for being an “exceptional advisor who cares for her students.” Garcia also credits “not only her enthusiasm, but also her dedication,” to help her achieve her goals as a student at Santa Fe College.

When so much focus is put on what is wrong in this world, it’s always a good idea to take some time and look at what is right.

We are one community. We are all Saints!