Santa Fe College Students Awarded During 12th Annual Florida Model UN Conference

October 24, 2017 – Santa Fe College hosted 200 college students from Florida and Georgia for the 12th annual Florida Model United Nations Conference over the Oct. 21-22 weekend. Fifteen SF students competed during the weekend event. Eric Mathewson and Chantel Hover won an Honorable Delegation Award for their portrayal of Ukraine; Wanda Soto and Joseph Steshyn won a Distinguished Delegation Award for their portrayal of Venezuela; Amha Tesfaye and Marlon Bruce won a Distinguished Delegation for their portrayal of the Republic of Korea; and Daphne Cavanaugh won a Distinguished Delegation Award for her work as Ireland. In addition to the delegation awards, two of our student leaders were recognized individually. Amha Tesfaye received a Best Paper Award in UNICEF and Chantel Hover was recognized as Most Improved Delegate in the General Assembly. Both Tesfaye and Hover are currently running on the Global Citizens ticket for student government President and Vice President.