CCS Best Practices: Working With the Media

CCS Best Practices: Working With the Media

April 16, 2018 – Gainesville, FL – Have a story that you think is news worthy? Or maybe a reporter has approached you for a quote? It’s important to remember that before interacting with the press, you should always check in with CCS.

Why? Because the reputation of the college is critical. It is directly connected to our enrollment and it affects our relationships with donors and community partners. While CCS doesn’t claim to know everything, it is the part of the college designated to work with the media – to determine who should be consulted if a story is being researched by a reporter, who should be interviewed and where, and what strategic talking points should be covered.

Why else? CCS’s communication manager has 25 years of experience working in the news world and strives to maintain his good relationships with members of the local media. To a large extent, he understands their professional strengths and weaknesses (and ours) and by being present at interviews can help them to run more smoothly. He also offers coaching for faculty and staff who feel nervous leading up to an interview.

Communications & Creative Services is available to help staff members with projects aimed at improving recruitment and retention and advancing the stature of Santa Fe College. For more information or to submit a project request – including press releases and media advisories – visit the CCS website at