CCS Best Practices: Year-End Purchasing Requests for Printed and Promotional Items

NOTE: Due to the Office for Finance deadlines, IDB’s to CCS must be received in hand today or they will not be accepted. Remember to enter your project requests for promotional items by close of business today!

 The end of the fiscal year has traditionally been a challenging time for Communications & Creative Services, as nearly all departments around the college tend to spend down their budgets for print and promotional items within a very short time frame. The CCS office is responsible for promoting the official brand of the college and so must ensure that the proper logos are used when any promotional item is ordered, and that printed items are designed within our brand standards.  Logos on proofs are often outdated, which can result in confusion and delays with vendors. With this high volume of quick-turnaround requests within a short period of time, CCS has been challenged to approve all of the college’s print and purchasing requests by the end of each budget cycle.

To remedy this, the Office for Finance now includes a deadline for ordering print and promotional items through CCS in its year-end memo, available at