SF Grad Story: Christopher Goebel

SF Grad Story: Christopher Goebel

Chris Goebel

May 4, 2018 – Christopher Goebel left home at age 16 to pursue a career in the Navy. Born into the military, Chris served in the Navy until he was 37, at which point he retired from the service and decided to change career paths.

He and his wife moved their family to Gainesville, at which point Chris decided to head back to school and study cybersecurity. One of the reasons he pursued SF was because of the support offered to enrolled veterans.

“We have the absolute best Veterans Services Office,” Chris said. “It’s a military-friendly campus that’s good for returning veterans. I’m really happy with Santa Fe.”

Chris graduates today with an A.S. In Network Security and an A.S. In Computer Information Technology. While a student, he interned in the IT Department and participated in the Veterans Services’ work-study program, where he uses his leadership skills learned in the Navy to support fellow veterans. Chris will pursue his bachelor’s degree in Information Systems here at SF and hopes to land a career in cybersecurity after he graduates.

“I’d like to stay here over the long term,” Chris said about SF. “I really enjoy the small, intimate class sizes, the one-on-one time with instructors and the friendly atmosphere. You get a lot more for your money here. I get the same degree I’d get at a university, but with more access to my professors.”

Congratulations, Chris!