SF Canvas Course – Resilience: Be Here Now

SF Canvas Course – Resilience: Be Here Now

September 25, 2018 – Santa Fe College faculty and staff are invited to sign up for Resilience: Be Here Now. This online Canvas course provides resources and activities for cultivating resilience and is ongoing throughout the month of October. Sign up at no later than Monday, Oct. 15.

Learning to be in the present moment, without judging it, boosts our resilience. It can allow us to feel accepting and clearheaded about our options for response. When we’re fully present, we’re more likely to find appropriate levity in moments of challenge and to relieve stress by finding humor in a situation.

As we move into the fall, our energy wanes, and we’re triggered more easily. Learning to be in the present moment enables us to cultivate awareness of our emotions and make choices that foster our resilience.

For more information about the Resilience course, email and put Resilience in the subject line.