SF Canvas Course – Resilience: Take Care of Yourself       

SF Canvas Course – Resilience: Take Care of Yourself       

October 22, 2018 – Santa Fe College faculty and staff are invited to sign up for “Resilience: Take Care of Yourself.” This online Canvas course provides resources and activities for cultivating resilience and is ongoing throughout the month of November. Sign up at no later than November 15.

Physical self-care and well-being are foundational for many other habits. When your body is cared for, you’re better able to deal with emotions. Resilient people have a healthy self-perception, are committed to taking care of themselves, and accept themselves more or less as they are.

Self-care is the root of resilience when you’re dragging yourself toward winter break and your emotions are raw.

For more information about the Resilience course, email Steve Grosteffon at and put Resilience in the subject line.