Evacuation Drills Scheduled for SF Properties

Evacuation Drills Scheduled for SF Properties

October 29, 2018 – Santa Fe College officials want to make sure the Northwest Campus and all centers are as safe as possible for students, faculty and staff. Beginning today and running through next week, there will be evacuation drills held at all SF properties.

During these drills, students, faculty and staff will have to leave their buildings and for the sake of safety gather with classmates or work colleagues in an area at least 50 feet away from the building. The purpose of these evacuation drills is to see how efficiently safety and security officials at the college can get buildings evacuated and what can be improved on in future drills or in an actual emergency.

All six SF centers will experience the evacuation drills this week, the Northwest Campus will have their safety drill next week.

For additional safety information, visit the Emergency Procedures or Safety and Risk Management pages on SF’s website.